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Chapter 1202

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Linghai City

The shadow of death gradually dispersed, but the whole city, has destroyed most of it. Xu Xiaoyan finally saved only those who died in the hands of monsters.

When a new day comes, what we see is broken everything!

Under the escort of Su Li and Jiang Hao, Ye Feng comes to Su Jia BIE yuan. But he refused the examination and treatment of the [Su family] medical team.

Ye Feng knows that they can't save themselves!

On the hospital bed, Lin Xiaoxiao's peaceful look seemed to be asleep. The final result of the medical group of the Su family shows that she still has a little life left, but she doesn't know when she will wake up!

Ye Feng is calm and frightening!

At the critical moment, Ye Feng protected Lin Xiaoxiao's last trace of vitality with [the wood of five elements Yuanli]. He believes that one day, Lin Xiaoxiao will wake up!


[Jinghua City]!

He Jing, President of Tianyu game company, attended the media meeting and announced on the spot that "magic world" will enter the comprehensive restoration of dimension time in three days, and will meet with the vast number of players around the world in three days.

It is reported that Tianyu game company has taken control of all rights of unreal domain!

Everything is like Ye Feng and Su Li's initial analysis, "fantasy" is just a fusion of many avant-garde technology, leading the world's ordinary online game just!

It brings players, is a kind of immersive three-dimensional sensory experience!

In the next three days, [Tianyu game company] will carry out a series of updates and upgrades to fantasy world, and will give all players certain compensation.

Especially the majority of players who can't log in because of the survival mode!

At the same time, an announcement on the front page of the official website of the game "magic field" has also aroused the attention of all players overnight --

who will compete with others?

The first full service guild battle of fantasy world, namely a new round of guild ranking battle, will officially kick off!


"After that, the studio will be handed over to you!" This is the last word Ye Feng said.

Jiang Hao took over the position of president of Tianya guild, and a few days later, he led 180000 members of Tianya guild to participate in the first full service guild war of fantasy world.


According to Ye Feng, Jiang Hao also successfully entered the palace of yantucheng, and after gaining the trust and assistance of the grand general, he got the test of God of war.

A generation of God of war, with a proud posture, with the [Tianya] guild bravely enter the world of "fantasy world"!

The continuous expansion and improvement of the "red maple forest" soon ushered in an unprecedented grand event. Because people who are jealous begin to destroy the red maple forest.

When a mechanical arm suddenly jumped out of the ground, the enemy had been destroyed in an instant!

Some people say, "red maple forest" is hell!

Some people say, "red maple forest" is paradise!


Looking at the empty hospital bed, Su Li's heart suddenly trembled. Next to the table, there is a letter: we are gone, to find our world!

Ye Feng, Xiao Xiao!

Su Li looked at the letter in his hand and was distracted until his shoulder was gently held. Turning around, Su Li could no longer restrain the tears in his eyes and let it slide.

"He'll be fine, won't he?"

Su Jing took a deep breath and nodded solemnly: "I always believe that he is a miracle maker! He must be able to beat himself


Fubo's old face is full of vicissitudes.

He finally saw the mystery of becoming a prisoner. When he learned that the old man in front of him was actually his former martial uncle, Xuanji was so ashamed and depressed that he finally chose to end his own life.

A few days later, Fubo passed the Emei Mountain!

I don't know whether he was intentional or unintentional. After sitting for two days in a row, he saw a wandering Taoist nun. It's just that the Taoist nun looks too young. She should be in her blooming age!

"Miss..." Fauber was already a little hobbled.

The Taoist nun stopped and stood, did not look back, but calmly said: "there is no lady you are looking for! From then on, all worldly affairs have nothing to do with me. Go away



In that beautiful scenery, there is always a table of human fireworks!

How many days?

I don't know. I don't want to know. Day after day, year after year, no matter how much time, there was only Dugu's company and the memories of Qingshan.

He bowed his head slightly

Looking at the girl leaning in her arms, she showed a smile of relief. Looking into the distance, the heart returns to the place, that is a world only he and her.

Nearby, a spear stands on the ground!

The spear seemed to feel a strong idea. It left the ground slowly and gradually emerged five colors in the white light——Gold, green, blue, red, yellow!

At this moment, the force of the five elements is finally released. He took a long breath, gently let go of the sleeping girl in his arms and walked up.

Five fingers, close

Guanghua flying volume, between heaven and earth a vast. The spear shrank rapidly between the hands, and finally turned into a spear head no more than 40 cm long, with six grooves and a beautiful streamline.

After a few flashes of luster, two small characters in seal script are engraved below --


"You don't belong to this world, but I left you in this world! My life is complete and incomplete because of you. Now I just want to enjoy the last days of my life while the rest of my life is running out... "

"You It's time to find a new owner

The gunhead clanked as if to cater to his words. At the moment when the finger was released, it seemed that there was life in it. It broke through the air and came back and forth around him.

"Go! You shouldn't bury it with me! "

It clang constantly, as if in farewell, cut through the sky. The wild geese had no sound, and the wind had no trace, so it disappeared in the sky and disappeared in his field of vision.


After staying in Linghai city for another week, Su Li returned to Jinghua City!

Su Jing returned to Zhan long and reorganized Zhan long as the chief instructor. [Shumen] was completely disintegrated in this event.

However, with the help of Fu Jing and Su Feng Li, they were able to get a great deal of help.

That is a kind of power contained between heaven and earth!

Compared with the traditional five element technique, this power is more pure. When Su Li knew nothing about it, and gradually controlled the five element Yuan Li, the door of the new world was opened.

On the other side

According to the information disclosed by [Xuanji] before the end, Su Jing led the team to capture Yang Lin who had been absconded from the headquarters outside the headquarters of Shumen, which was hidden in the ground.

At the same time, also seized a manuscript!

However, Yang Lin, who smelled the breath ahead of time, burned the manuscript before Su Jing and others invaded. What Su Jing took back was just a complete cover of ashes.

After some identification, only two words emerged in the end -


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