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Chapter 5416: It's all to blame

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The faces of the people were astonished, and they all showed shock.

The so-called quasi-emperor refers to a strong man who has reached a new level of comprehension of the rules of order after reaching the peak of detachment, and even faintly jumped out of the circle of rules and touched the threshold of the great emperor.

This kind of strong person has a trace of imperial aura, although in the final analysis he is still in the realm of detachment, but in terms of strength, the strength of such a person is actually far above the peak of triple detachment. Of course, reaching the quasi-emperor realm only means that the other party has vaguely touched the threshold of the great emperor\'s realm, and has a trace of imperial aura on him. In fact, there is still a long way to go from the real emperor, and it does not necessarily mean that the other party is really

You will be able to step into the realm of the great emperor.

As for the great emperor, let alone, any great emperor is the top figure in the underworld, even the top figure in the universe, that is the real leader of the underworld.

To put it simply, if the triple detachment powerhouse belongs to the feudal officials and giants in the underworld, then the emperor-level powerhouse is equivalent to a king in the underworld and the cosmic sea, controlling a territory and having a prominent reputation.

As for the Four Great Emperors, they are equivalent to the powerhouses who established the Four Great Empires among the many kings, and all nations came to court.

"Soul Eater, do you know these characters in front of you?" Qin Chen turned his head and looked over. The soul-eating worm showed ashes on his face, and tremblingly said: "My lord, this subordinate once said before that when I entered the abandoned land, I was trapped here, and I couldn\'t find a way to escape. Later, I was a powerful emperor. appeared and found the dead sea

Where the forbidden area is, it led me to enter the forbidden area, and then came to this palace hall. ""This palace hall is extremely strange. It can absorb the power of our souls. Back then, many people couldn\'t resist it for a while. It was a few quasi-emperor powerhouses who appeared and temporarily resisted the soul devouring in this hall for many powerhouses. These four

Ren is the leading four of the quasi-emperor powerhouses. "Speaking of this, Soul Devourer Nether Worm smiled wryly and said: "At the beginning, the subordinates couldn\'t hold on and left first. The four of them led many strong men to persevere in the previous hall. The subordinates were in the octagonal hall before never seen them

Unexpectedly, their corpses also came to this space, and they all died here. "

"As for this woman..." Soul Devourer\'s voice trembled: "This person is very similar to the figure with the aura of the emperor that I saw from afar back then. I have an 80% probability that I can be sure that this person is very likely to be the one from back then. The one who opened the forbidden area of ​​the Dead Sea

emperor. It’s just that I have never seen this person since I entered the forbidden area of ​​the Dead Sea. I guessed that this person might have successfully left the abandoned land, but I didn’t expect that he also died here. "

Speaking of this, Soul Eater Nether Worm\'s tone became lower and lower, with despair in his eyes, and the gargoyle ancestor at the side also showed ashes.

The reason why they have always kept information about leaving this place is that the great emperor disappeared after entering the forbidden area of ​​the Dead Sea, and no one saw her figure again.

Many people speculated that the great emperor had most likely left the Abandoned Land and returned to the underworld.

But now...

The body in front of them completely sank the hearts of both Soul Eater Netherworm and Gargoyle Ghost Ancestor.

That peerless emperor did not leave here after all, but was trapped here and died here.

When the other people around heard the narration of the soul-devouring worm, their faces were also pale, and their hearts were ashamed.

I thought that after opening the passage and coming here, there is hope to leave the abandoned land, but who would have thought that I would see such a desperate scene.

Even the great emperor fell here back then, with those people present, can they really leave the abandoned land?

Everyone\'s heart sank completely.

"It\'s over, now there is no entrance, are we going to die here?"

"Great Emperor, this person is definitely the Great Emperor. If it weren\'t for the Great Emperor, it would be impossible to frighten us with just his breath. But even the Great Emperor died here, can we still survive?"



All kinds of negative emotions quickly emerged from everyone.

After being trapped for so many years, I finally saw hope. Now that hope is shattered, even the master of the restricted area cannot resist this kind of blow.

Some of them hurriedly turned their heads, trying to find the previous entrance. However, when they entered the hall, the previous space entrance had disappeared, that is to say, they couldn\'t leave along the previous entrance at all. Everyone was trapped in this hall at this moment, and the final result was very

It is possible that, like the great emperor and the four quasi-emperors, they will eventually fall here.

"If I knew this earlier, I might as well not enter."

At this time, there was a voice of complaint.

"That is, isn\'t it good to stay alive in the abandoned place? Why do you have to leave? Now everything is over."

The master of the restricted area showed despair.

In the abandoned place, although they were trapped, their movements were not restricted at all, but in this hall, they could only wait silently to die. Who could bear this feeling?

"If you want me to say, it\'s all the Lord\'s fault. If he hadn\'t broken the secret pattern seal in the previous hall, why would we come here to wait for death?"

Some of them even pointed the finger at Qin Chen, blaming Qin Chen for not opening the previous seal.

"Damn, do you still have ghost nature?"

Hearing this, Wangu Mingzu was furious.


The terrifying killing intent surged, and directly imprisoned the master of the restricted area, full of anger.

Young Master Chen worked so hard to break the restriction for them, but these guys are still talking sarcasticly at this time, complaining that the seal should not be broken, is this what ghost cultivators should say?

"You... Did I say something wrong?"

The master of the forbidden area was shocked by the breath of the ancestor of the myriad bones, and said with a flushed face.

"Hmph, just look at the soul-devouring ghost worm and the gargoyle ghost ancestor. Even if you stay in the previous hall with your cultivation base, you will die in the end. Is there any difference?" Light. "Why is there no difference? The soul devouring power in the hall was extremely weak before. I still hope to persist, but the soul devouring power here is obviously much stronger. With my cultivation base, I\'m afraid I won\'t be able to hold it for a long time. it will be because

The soul was broken and died. Don\'t you all feel it? "

The master of the restricted area resented.

Hearing this, everyone on the field changed color one after another.

Because they also felt that after entering this hall, their minds were a little dizzy. Obviously, the power of devouring souls here is much more terrifying than the previous hall.

If it is said that in the previous hall, ancestors like the gargoyle ghost and the soul-eating worm had special means to survive, then in this hall, no one can withstand such a fast speed of devouring souls.

"You won\'t be angry with Shura, the four quasi-emperors, and this senior emperor. The reason why they died here is because of the devouring spirits in this hall, right?"

At this time, the master of the restricted area thought of a possibility and couldn\'t help trembling.

As soon as these words came out, everyone was even more shocked.

If so, how can they survive? Even the emperor couldn\'t resist the power of devouring the soul here, with their cultivation base here they can only wait for death slowly.

"No, I don\'t want to die here."

At this time, the master of the restricted area roared, and rushed towards the place he came to like crazy. A ghost knife appeared in his hand, and he slashed down at the void when he came. down.


The ghost cultivator roared violently, and the ghost knife burst out with endless rules and divine power, bursting out.



Seeing the lord of the restricted area attack rashly, Qin Chen and the others changed their colors one after another, and hurriedly shouted a reminder. But it was too late, and I saw the master of the restricted area bang, the ghost knife in his hand contained terrifying power, and he had already slammed into the void in front of him, and with a bang, he saw the void in front of him suddenly light up with dazzling streaks. the secret pattern, in

Under the attack of the ghost knife, these secret lines seem to be activated, and the light shines in an instant.

Chi Chi Chi!

One after another of the secret lines, like agile spirit snakes, suddenly exploded towards the master of the restricted area, and a strong life-and-death crisis enveloped him. At this moment, the owner of the restricted area woke up and realized his previous recklessness. With a terrified expression in his heart, he hurriedly sacrificed a black boulder.

With a terrifying breath, he blocked in front of him, and at the same time, the figure of the master of the restricted area also hurriedly retreated at this moment, wanting to retreat into the crowd behind him.

But the speed of the secret pattern chain is too fast.

Puff puff puff! Under the horrified eyes of everyone, these secret pattern chains are extremely sharp, and there is no pause at all in the face of the black boulder, just like an iron stick piercing tofu.

There was no resistance at all in front of him, and he was pierced in an instant.

The next moment, countless secret pattern chains suddenly pierced the body of the master of the restricted area, piercing him in the void.

"Ah!" A shrill scream sounded, and the master of the forbidden area burned instantly. In just a moment, his whole body turned into ashes and dissipated. burns up in an instant,

Instantly turned into ashes and dissipated.

After killing the master of the restricted area, countless secret pattern chains retracted one after another, and then disappeared into the void.


There was deathly silence.

The void in front of him was empty at the moment, leaving only a faint wave, which represented that someone was alive here before.

For a moment, the field was filled with a dead breath, and everyone\'s eyes showed a look of shock and despair.

Although the former master of the restricted area was constantly at the top, almost all those who could come here were the best in the triple transcendence, but such a person died here so easily. Complete despair!

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