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My Darling Is Pampered and Wild

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My Darling Is Pampered and Wild

# ROYALTY # DECISIVE KILLING # 1V1 #LITTLE WOLF # PRETENDTOBEAFOOL #BIGSHOTIn her previous life, Lu Qingqiao was a legend in the business world. But she was deceived, slandered, and died tragically, while hundreds of millions worth of her assets were taken from her. When she was reborn, she got together with a sickly boyfriend, drew a line with her scumbag fiance, and kicked out her cousins and their family who had ruthless ambitions. Everyone thought she had lost her mind because of her boyfriend, and they waited for her to wake up and toss him aside. However, they didn’t get to see that even after waiting so long. Instead, they were treated to various displays of affection. Up until one day, when someone told her boyfriend that he wasn’t worthy to stand beside Lu Qingqiao because he had nothing but a pretty face. He sneered and decided to stop pretending to be a good boy!***Among the wealthy families in the capital, everyone knew the richest family was the Qin family. They heard that the current Qin family’s head was sickly, frail, had a perverse and tyrannical character, and had a formidable appearance. Now, the mysterious Qin family head, who was recovering from his illness, had finally returned to the capital. Everyone looked forward to the banquet, and they saw a familiar handsome man with a cold gaze.“Hello, everyone. We meet again.”Everyone was shocked and fearful! They trembled and muttered to themselves, “One really can’t trust rumors!”***The male lead, Qin Xun: Everyone thinks Qin Xun is after Lu Qingqiao’s wealth. Only he knows that it started with candy, a rose, a round of fireworks… as his heart was slowly moved. When he met Lu Qingqiao, he sank willingly into these feelings. The female lead, Lu Qingqiao: When she first met Mr. Qin, she thought he was a young, clingy boy. But it turned out that he was a little puppy during the day, and a big bad wolf at night!

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