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Civil Servant Hunter's S-class Resignation Log



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Civil Servant Hunter's S-class Resignation Log

A low-level civil servant from an F-class hunter. Yoon Seora thought that’s how she would live for the rest of her life.Until one day she was thrown into a dungeon alone.“System, you f*cking son of a b*tch!”The moment death was right around the corner, everything was turned upside down by her cry that burst out unconsciously.[Checking information about ‘Yoon Seora’, the awakened who uttered abusive language at the system administrator] [Do you wish to sign a contract with the system administrator?]​So I happily signed a contract with the little system administrator who had appeared out of nowhere…【The overall evaluation value is readjusted.】【The Awakened ‘Yoon Seora’ (S-class)】​Wait a minute, Administrator-nim.You didn’t mention I would jump from F to S-class.【Administrator: (´ ε ` ʃƪ)♡】【Administrator: ♡ (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)】【Administrator: (ง・▽・)ว】In addition, this administrator who overuses emoticons is too unreliable.Whatever. By being an S-class I was going to quit being a dirty civil servant who always works overtime.“I’ve never seen you in the past. Who are you?”“Hi, I’m a contractor for the world administrator.”​“I have never seen you before. Who are you?”“Hello? I am the world administrator’s contractor.”Somehow, I ended up in the center of an incident where the world is filled left and right with returnees. Can I really quit?Resignation Difficulty SSS+. Stay alive, office worker!

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