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Lu Qingqiao recognized at a glance that the two shadows were her and Qin Xun.

Sombra jumped into a scene in front of him and became a character in the scene.

That is……

Bozun Famous Clubhouse.

The scene where the two meet for the first time.

"Your name is Qin Xun." She asked the boy who was standing by the window and looked very well behaved.

"Yeah." The boy replied.

Then the scene flips.

It was at the resort where the two of them went together for the first time. She handed him a bunch of red roses. When the fireworks rose in the sky, she asked him, "Do you like to see this?"

He nodded: "It\'s pretty."

Immediately afterwards, she stood for him at the mall, bought him clothes, and gave him a black card with her status symbol.

Then handed him a candy.


On the cruise ship, his identity was revealed.


In the snow-covered town, he ran in the snow with her in his arms, and on the windowsill at night, he put on a ring that symbolized their engagement.


What is presented is the little details belonging to the two of them. Those memories that Qin Xun has a deep memory for appear bit by bit in front of Lu Qingqiao\'s eyes.

There were many details that Lu Qingqiao had never paid attention to. Only at this time did she realize that his love for her was much more detailed than she imagined.

The warmth and throbbing in my heart beat along with these memories, and my eyelids gradually flushed red.

At the end of the picture, that night, on the island, the fireworks she set off for him surrounded the two of them, splendidly announcing their sincere and fiery feelings.

"Lu Qingqiao, the most beautiful fireworks I\'ve ever seen are with you." Qin Xun\'s voice rang in his ears.

"I\'ve said a lot about loving you, and I\'ve done a lot of loving you."

"But I never said...Thank you for being in my life."

Lu Qingqiao looked at him, her heart trembled slightly, and she felt a little pantothenic and painful. Her eyes were full of splendid fireworks, and the fireworks plunged into his face.

She held his face and cherished it extremely: "I am also very grateful for your existence."

She kissed him softly, extremely pious, like a believer touching her god.

It was him who gave her the opportunity to love someone so passionately.

From the previous life to this life, I hope that in the next life, in the next life, I can meet him.

After the two exchanged a gentle kiss, Qin Xun leaned over to put her shoes on.

The button was pressed and the door was opened.

A gust of wind blew in, with the smell of the sea.

When stepping out of the door, the view is wide and the sea breeze surrounds.

Only then did Lu Qingqiao know that they were on the top floor of the familiar cruise ship, and they were now above the sea.

Qin Xun put a coat on her, sat down with her in his arms, and handed her a glass of warm water.

"This is my first birthday with you in the true sense. I want to accompany you to watch the sunrise today. When the sky lights up every day in the future, I will be by your side until old age."

His soft kiss fell on the back of her hand, holding her hand and looking at the sea and sky in the distance, rendering a beautiful scene.

The sky has gradually changed from dark blue to light blue, and the position of the sea and the sky is dyed orange red. When the sun comes out little by little, the sky and the sea complement each other, shining brightly and beautifully.

The sun shone brightly on the two of them, as if they were coated with a layer of brilliance, and they were dyed with warmth along with the closeness of the two.

Qin Xun took out two red notebooks, his eyes were full of smiles, full of light flashing, he smiled and hugged his sun, "Mrs. Qin, please give me more advice in the future."

Lu Qingqiao looked at the marriage certificate that was handed to her hand, and a gentle smile dipped between her brows and hugged him back.

"Mr. Qin, I love you."

"Me too."

The sun is gentle, the sea is rippling, and the people hugging each other for a long time.

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