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Chapter 325:

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All the ninjas below shouted in unison: "Long live the leader!"

Ninjas from various countries began to eat one after another. While eating, everyone was very excited to discuss the cuisine of each country just now. The scene was very harmonious and happy.

【The leader of the list: "How can you just eat, I already asked someone to bring over the wine just now, let\'s drink to your heart\'s content tonight!"】

【Sarutobi Hiruza: "The leader of the list is really thoughtful!"】

【Jiraiya: "Then you old man should drink less, have you forgotten that you have three highs?"】

【Sarutobi Hiruza: "Don\'t say that, it\'s rare to be happy today, so don\'t disappoint me!"】

[Four generations of Raikage: "If our five major countries have always lived in harmony like this, I actually feel pretty good!"]

[Terumi Mei: "Yes, it is indeed like this. As long as the leader is there, there will always be something unexpected between us that our ninja villages will have!"]

【Onoki: "Now you know that the food in our village is the best?"】

【Gaara: "You seem to be slow?"】

【Onoki: "It\'s the best food in our village hahaha."】

[Naruto Uzumaki: "That\'s Shikamaru and Sasuke, the two of them don\'t know how to make Ilaku ramen at all! Otherwise, there is nothing going on in your village, let alone a bowl of fried rice, even ten bowls you can\'t win!" 】

Just like that, everyone was chatting with each other sentence by sentence, and Mo Yu returned to the resting place early after eating!

【Mo Yu: "Now I can finally sleep comfortably, no, I still have things to do..."】

Then Mo Yu was busy doing something in the room!

【Jiraiya: "Naruto, Konohamaru, have you finished eating?"】

Then Jiraiya made a look like Naruto and Konoha Maru!

And Konoha Maru and the celebrity also understood in seconds!

The three of them sat up and let out smirks!

And after everyone was full of food and drink, ninjas from various countries had already made appointments to go to the bathhouse to take a good bath and sweat!

【Haruno Sakura: "Let\'s go back and pack up our things and prepare to go to the hot spring!"】

【Senju Tsunade: "Then let\'s go back to the room and change clothes!"】

Seeing the happy and harmonious everything, Mo Yu, who was sitting on the seat, also showed a satisfied smile.

"Hey, what are you doing fighting and killing? It\'s still like this. It\'s best to live comfortably and peacefully!"

Think about it.

Mo Yu couldn\'t help but looked at the crowd with emotion: "Everyone! What else do you want to play! Besides soaking in hot springs, drinking tea, fishing, playing cards... we can all go together!"

"If your dead relatives want to come, then come too!"

"I don\'t need money for reincarnation here!"

hear this.

The whole room rushed up in an instant.

Everyone gathered around Mo Yu, talking and laughing.

The atmosphere is extremely happy and harmonious.

So far, the Ninja world has lived a peaceful and prosperous era...

The whole book is over.

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