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Chapter 1644

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Chapter 1644 "Killing Gabriel With A Trick"

Just as Gabriel was about to continue talking to stall time, Ainsley suddenly snorted and bared her teeth at Gabriel, looking a little comical.

"I don't care. Since I'm going to end up badly, I'll just throw the stone to the gate and beg the lords to protect me."

"Anyway, even if I'm injured badly, as long as we win this war, there is definitely a way to heal me!"

Ainsley was too 'stimulated' to even listen to Gabriel's persuasion, and before Gabriel could react, the baby used all her might to throw the domain core straight into the tiny gap of the Heaven Gate!

The palm-sized stone flew so fast that the battle angels didn't have time to stop it.

They could only fly as fast as possible while watching the stone slowly approaching the tiny gap—

Gabriel was blown over. He didn't have time to think clearly, and there was only one thought in his mind.

Get the stone! Snatch it before the gate is closed! Quick!

The stone was special and it could only be caught manually with hands because various abilities would be useless to catch it.

This was also why people had to go all the way to the place where the domain core was hidden instead of using various unique abilities to steal it from a distance.

This domain core was indeed troublesome.

Gabriel didn't know that Ainsley used the love virus in his body to entice him to rush to the gap in the gate to catch the palm-sized stone.

Gabriel flew much faster than anyone, and in the blink of an eye, he was already several meters away from the flying stone.

However, his distance to the gate was already so close that his wings rubbed against the gate, and his body fit perfectly between the gap.

If Gabriel were any slower, he would either be crushed to death or would be pushed straight to the place beyond the gate as the gate slowly closed.

Gabriel broke in a cold sweat and accelerated, using all of his might to stretch his hand to catch the stone that was only a few centimeters away from his fingertips.

He was confident that once he grabbed the stone, he could push his body back with his strong wings or with his ability, and by then, he would escape from the gate with the domain core.

Gabriel was indeed capable of doing this.

The only premise was that no one maliciously attacked him when he was doing this.

When Ainsley saw Gabriel fly into the gap with such a hot mind, Ainsley immediately poured out the stored blood from her inventory and used her blood manipulation ability to form a strong and gigantic palm right behind Gabriel.

The surrounding battle angels who were approaching Gabriel all saw this strange thing appearing out of nowhere, and they quickly blasted the palm with their various abilities.

However, the demons and the evil spirits who were hiding before, suddenly showed up and used their abilities to counter the attacks of the battle angels!

The blood palm even bigger than Gabriel's whole body was still intact and floated right behind Gabriel.

When Gabriel's fingers finally touched the domain core…when he managed to bring the stone into his palm....

Before Gabriel could use his wings to push himself out of the gate, the malicious palm behind him actually pushed him hard straight into the gate.


The gap between the gate was only fit for one Gabriel, and the moment Gabriel was pushed with such a strong power from behind...<.com>

His mind went blank on the spot.

At the same time, the third king of the celestial race realized the danger and shouted at Gabriel with eyes full of horror.

"Your excellency— you can't enter the gate now!"

The third king could enter the gate without dying and he would only be kicked out of the domain, entering a brand new place.

But Gabriel's consciousness would immediately return to the main body once he touched the place beyond the gate, because it was the so-called Heaven.

In other words, Gabriel's consciousness would leave the domain and the battlefield.

The domain would lose another pillar, and with the domain core entering the place beyond the domain itself...

The domain would instantly be unstable.

However, if the domain core went out of the domain range without being destroyed, there was no definite way to completely destroy the domain.

It was also a loss for Ainsley and her team, who wanted to end the war by completely breaking the domain.

An unstable domain would turn into a dangerous place instead of disappearing, and many space storms would kill people to shreds, not even sparing those who didn't belong to this timeline.

Once that happened, everyone's souls would be in danger, and it was questionable whether everyone could escape from the disaster.

The disaster would affect the real world and the neighboring domain, the Hell Break Domain, at the same time.

Things will be out of control!

The third celestial king didn't care whether the domain core would be handed over back to the enemies or what.

Anyway, they couldn't afford to send the domain core to the place beyond the Gate of Heaven!

The third king immediately used all his might to throw the stone at one of the closest battle angels to the gate while shouting at the top of his lungs.

"Take it!"

Then, the third king's body uncontrollably entered the Gate of Heaven.

The holy light shrouded the body, and one couldn't see the body from this angle.

Everyone's breath stagnated, and they all thought that Gabriel would lose for sure!

But will he lose?

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