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Chapter 1963

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"What? Are you talking about me? " Hua Xin looks at the man in disbelief.

"I didn't say that. Are you talking about me? I really want to untie the seal for you and remind you of the past, but unfortunately, your combat effectiveness is not weak before, and I don't want to make trouble for myself, so I will think about it when I kill all the people here and rush out of this space! "

Men's eyes gradually become gloomy, even the whole sky is the only color.

"Well, I've said enough. Let's die!" The man yells, the powerful energy converges again, and there is an energy hurricane several feet high in front of Zhou Yi and Hua Xin.


Man thin lips light up, slowly spit out a word.

All of a sudden, the hurricane swept forward. Everywhere it went, it was in a mess, and the whole earth was shaking with it.

"Go and protect the others!"

Zhou Yi directly pushed away Hua Xin, who was standing beside him, then sacrificed his black sword and chopped it straight at the hurricane.

All the energy in the body suddenly came out of the body and collided with the energy hurricane.

The impact of energy seemed to deafen Zhou Yi's ears.

The vibration of the ground and the powerful aftereffect of energy are like water ripples, which wash away quickly.

Not far behind them, the Youming mountain had already turned into a pile of gravel. This time, it was shocked by this energy again, and the gravel turned into a piece of vermicelli powder.

the Youming mountain with a height of 100 Zhang suddenly disappeared.

Zhou Yi was tired by the energy, but also was hit by the moment, the blood sprayed all the way, and finally fell not far away.

"Sir!" Hua Xin had a big drink. He was about to step forward to lift the man up, but he felt a sudden surge of suction behind him, and then his body flew backward uncontrollably.

"All said, you can't live. What's the use of worrying about him? Because you both have to die. " Man's hand suddenly add force, suspended in the air of Huaxin only feel his lung air is gradually empty, eyes turn white, will soon faint.


In the middle of the sky, a golden light suddenly comes into Hua Xin's body.

Hua Xin body burst out of light, making the man's hand like electricity in general, quickly pulled down.

Then he looked up at the sky, "I thought you would watch me kill all the people here, then you will appear, how, feel distressed?"

The voice of the man's Yin cold spreads out slowly, reaching the mid air directly.

Hua Xin quickly got up and came to Zhou Yi and helped him up, "are you OK, sir?"

Zhou Yi shakes his head gently,

he has just consumed all the energy in his body, and then he is seriously injured, which is the worst loss he has lost since he became famous for thousands of years.

Of course, he Tiandao didn't count.

Originally gloomy sky, suddenly light, a shadow also slowly fell down.

"I shouldn't have been soft hearted. I should have killed you." The man's voice was filled with supreme majesty, and the man in black below stepped back two steps.

Zhou Yi, however, was frightened by the pressure and spewed out a mouthful of blood. On the contrary, Hua Xin did not respond.

"Ha ha, kill me? Do you have the ability to fight against your own demons? Killing me is killing yourself, isn't it? My Lord of heaven The man slowly raised his eyes and welcomed the figure in the air.

"I depend on..."

Zhou Yi made countless dirty remarks in his heart.

Now I'm in such a mess that I met the way of heaven. If that son of a bitch recognized himself, wouldn't he be more or less lucky today?

Now he is very regretful. He knew earlier that he might as well have taken advantage of his own cultivation to overturn the way of heaven, and it was not right for him to fall. Now he is a butcher, and I am the end of fish.

But the way of heaven didn't give him a look.

It's staring down at the man.

After a while, he said with a helpless smile, "yes, how can people kill their own demons?"

"In the next thousand years, I have reflected on myself, and now I finally understand that it is not difficult for me to get rid of you, as long as I am willing to sacrifice!"

The voice of heaven fell, and the palm of his hand slightly stretched out,

Hua Xin only felt that his whole body was full of light, and something seemed to come out of his head.

Then Zhou Yi saw that Hua Xin turned into a streamer and was held by the way of heaven.

"What's more, it's the evil sword of heaven!" In his heart, Zhou Yi cursed himself as a fool. He had taught the sword of heaven for so long.

With a sneer, the shadow turned into a black awn and rushed to heaven.

Then a gold and a black two light and shadow then fight to a place.

The battle of the strong is enough to destroy heaven and earth.

Zhou Yi doesn't have time to watch the war now. He struggles to cross his knees, and then puts out a special seal of cultivation, and swallows a few pills.Now he has to recover his energy. No matter what, he has to be able to protect himself.

If he was killed by one of them later, he would be really unjust.

Under the two men's fighting, the surrounding mountains gradually turned into plains,

the ordinary plains gradually turned into pits.

However, a layer of energy slowly appeared around Zhou Yi's body to protect his body.

He has even entered a settled state, and everything around him seems to have nothing to do with him.

Slowly, all the energy in the sky began to gather slowly into Zhou Yi's body, and his body has become the center of energy.

I don't know how long later,

after a burst of energy, the two figures fell to the ground respectively.

"Ha ha The way of heaven, what can you do after a thousand years? You are still not my opponent! " The man in black laughed.

Tiandao's white robe has become dilapidated, and his hair has spread out.

Holding a long sword in his hand, he slowly stood up from the ground, and then pointed to the opposite, "even if we die together today, I will not leave you in the world!"

"Ha ha..." The black robed man opened his mouth and spilled a mouthful of blood. "The way of heaven has fallen and the world has collapsed. Are you really willing?"

"Don't you think you love the world the most? Are you really cruel?"

Heaven's body shaking, the sword is suddenly supported on the ground, "I'm dead, there is a new heaven born, this world can't collapse!"

"Oh, do you think you have found a successor in the past thousand years? But it doesn't matter. When you die, I'll kill your successor. Then I'll be the one to take charge of the way of heaven. I'll decide the order of the world. I think it's beautiful! " The man in black looks up and smiles.


Before he finished laughing, he suddenly hit the sword in his chest.

"Then Let's die together The black robed man raised his hand and patted the top of heaven's head vigorously.

Heaven slowly closed his eyes, waiting for the arrival of the last moment.

But this hand did not fall.

Open your eyes and see a figure standing in front of you, holding the arm of the demon in your hand, and the demon himself has dropped his head.

The heart devil is dead, and instantly becomes a little light and shadow, and then dissipates.

"Yijianxian, thank you very much!"

Heaven faltered two steps, and finally knelt down on one knee, the sword to the ground just barely support themselves, did not fall.

"I'm not a sword doctor!" The man in front of him laughed, and then he looked back, "he is!"

"What?" The way of heaven suddenly turned back and saw the man in the energy center. His cultivation had already broken through heaven and earth, and was still climbing up. Perfectness of

as like as two peas and his own character is the same. He exaggerates that the person sitting is in the same direction, and that the person's cultivation is also rising.

"You, you are his part? He, he actually refined the separation, good! Ha ha Good The way of heaven looks up to the sky and smiles, then spurts out a mouthful of blood, and then slowly falls to one side.


At this moment, the ground began to keep shaking, even the sky also appeared signs of collapse.

Heaven falls, the world falls!

Now that the way of heaven is dead, the world can't survive.

"I'm not going!" Standing on the opposite side of heaven, the man's face is not happy and he seems to be talking to himself.

A moment later, with a helpless sigh, he turned into a streamer and ran into the clouds.

Within a few breath,

the shaking of the ground gradually stopped, the collapse of the sky gradually recovered, and everything returned to normal.

I don't know how long, the energy vortex on the ground finally slowly dissipated, falling out of the shadow inside.

"Sir, you are awake at last!"

Hua Xin has been waiting here for seven days and nights. Seeing Zhou Yi wake up, he opens his mouth excitedly.


"The way of heaven has been destroyed. Naturally, I have no master. I wonder if I can follow you in the future?" Hua Xin asked.

Zhou Yi sighed, "don't forget, you are still the head of a country. You are still in charge here."

"Master, the people here are the artifact put here by the way of heaven to suppress the demons." In seven days, he explored everything.

Even the underground seal black pupil was the follower before the heart devil, but he also killed him with one sword. After all, Zhou Yi's cultivation recovered, and he became more arrogant.

"So it is!" Zhou Yi sighed and got up.

But I didn't expect that as soon as I got up, a Golden Shadow appeared in front of him, "you have finished upgrading, and my task has been completed."

Zhou Yi looked up at him and said, "what does this have to do with me? Since you built the order, you should do it first. I'll go when I have time."

"How can you break your promise?" The Golden Shadow was furious.What's the matter? Can you still kill me? OK, OK, you go to stay for a few days, and when I'm done playing below, I'll go up and change you! " Zhou Yi waved his hand.

The other side clenched his fists with indignation. Finally, he could only compromise and said, "don't forget what you said!"

With that, it turned into a golden light and disappeared.

Zhou Yi looked up at the sky,

"great, finally free!"

"My wife, I'm back!"

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