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CH 52

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There was no redundancy in his question. But at the same time, a subtle atmosphere settled on the roof.

Seora cried over a still unshakable polite smile.

‘Jesus! Lisus!’

[T/N: Lisus = Liza + Jesus. Get it? Since she takes the administrator as a god.]

Thankfully she’d thrown her gun into the inventory and naturally pretended to be a regular civil servant. Her action to scatter his vigilance by saying things he might like was also perfect.

Do Junyoung was not someone who’d easily tell others about her, so there was no need to reveal her identity.


‘Why is the word Headbang coming out of that his mouth? And why to Sung Jarim?’

Did he research in advance before coming to Korea? If so, he likely noticed the red cube that covered the sky.

Then why does he suspect that Sung Jarim is Headbang?

‘Ah! He already knew about Director Do, and I-’

Thanks to the administrator’s protection, my abilities would have only looked like an F-class. So all that’s left is Sung Jarim.

‘Oh, wait a minute. So he doesn’t know that she’s an L-class?’

If so, wouldn’t it be better to hide my real identity and put the Headbang name on Jarim? In any case, what the US wants is not an unknown S-class, but an L-class that can shake the world.


When Seora glanced at Jarim, she widened her eyes.

‘What are you going to do?’

Her eyes alone conveyed her inner feelings. Seora sent a sorry look instead of replying.

‘I’m sorry, Elder. Please cut me some slack, Big Sis. This is all for us.’

“I believe in your faith, Guild Leader.”

Seora, who had her expression in order, took a serious step forward. Christopher and Do Junyoung looked at her with curious eyes, and Jarim felt something ominous.

In the meantime, Seora began to utter nonsense in a very plausible way.

“The identity of this person has been kept secret and has not been known to anyone until now. She’s not revealing her identity because she’s only working for the safety of the citizens. Especially the media!”

“… What?”

“You, a high-ranked American Guild Leader, are well aware of how many obstacles to the rescue of citizens will be made after an excellent Awakened is known in the media, right? All she wants is the peace of the citizens and this age! So, we would be grateful if you could keep this secret.”

It was complete bullshit.

However, the listener had no choice but to believe it because of her serious face.

Seora ignored Sung Jarim’s silent shout with her eyes that seemed to be saying, “Whaaaat the hell are you talking aboutttttt???”

Christopher, who was completely unaware of this fact, looked as if he’d reached great enlightenment, and Do Junyoung looked at her as if asking what she was on about.

I will tell you everything, Director Do, so please stay quiet here. First of all, we have to fool this American Hunter together.

“As a representative of this person, as a public official who shares this person’s will and protects the safety of citizens! I will trust the good faith of the good-natured Guild Leader Campbell. Please keep it a secret.”

Amid all kinds of eyes and expressions, Seora bowed her back deeply after finishing her words solemnly. It was complete bullshit until the end.

I didn’t lie about anything. It’s a fact that Sung Jarim doesn’t want citizens to get hurt.

I only didn’t say that I was Headbang. The person who misunderstood is at fault.

Christopher, completely deceived by the truly unpretentious acting, repeatedly covered his mouth with his hand, took it off, and swept it down in embarrassment.

At last, he clenched his fists.

“Don’t worry. I will never tell anyone about this. Rather, I am sorry for everything. I didn’t even notice… I’m sorry.”

It was a very serious look.

As expected, it’s as the rumor has it. He’s an indispensable figure of God to the point of making a contract with an angel because he’s not a selfish person. He’s the favorite among American Hunters.

And Seo-ra, who deceived such an angel without conscience, made a final blow with a big smile.

“Thank you, Guild Leader! I will never forget this grace! I will surely repay you by protecting citizens’ peace and daily life!”

But was that the problem? As if waiting, a fanfare erupted, and system messages appeared one after another in front of her eyes.

[You have great acting skills! You fooled 10 S-classes with your great acting skills! Congratulations! You have met the conditions for obtaining the title!]

[A new title is blooming!]

[You have obtained the title: Thousand Masks (A-class)!]

[Administrator: d(*゚∇゚*)b!!!!!]

At the administrator’s last emoticon, as if driving a wedge in the messages, Seora’s, who was acting naturally like flowing water, face suddenly cracked.


No, wait. What now?

A thousand masks? That’s a title related to acting, isn’t it?

Why did the title that is difficult to get even by Awakened actors appear here? What the hell is the condition of obtaining it again…?

‘The condition of the acquisition is to deceive 10 S-classes, not others?’

I’m going crazy. Of course it’s hard to get because of the conditions.

‘Well, it’s not bad, though.’

Titles contain special power, so it’s good to have a lot. In particular, the acting characteristics will greatly help hide my identity. Since this has happened, I will have to deceive more people in a better way in the future.

As she gained more confidence to deceive everyone in the world with greater certainty, peace came to her heart, and a benevolent smile appeared. Christopher, the poor, ignorant tenth S-class victim, was simply admiring.

He was also very naive.

— Forget about who you thought I was yesterday.

In the morning, Seora used the title she’d gotten yesterday as soon as she came to work.

[Activates ‘Title—A Thousand Masks’. Your acting skill increases.]

I’m so lucky to get this. Otherwise, I would’ve shown a rotten look in front of the Guardian Guild’s Leader.

I mean, why are you here…?

“Hello, Yoon Seora! You must have been tired from yesterday’s work, so have some coffee here. Hey, you, I have on for you too.”

That was exactly what she wanted to say.

Why is Christopher, who was caught by Song Hanna for a drink yesterday and ran right to the dungeon, in the association at this early hour?

He didn’t camp in front of the building for the first time in a while, so she thought he was still a human being. She thought he wouldn’t come today he was tired.

But why is he in the lobby? Why does he have bright flowers blooming on his face?

“That, thank you.”

A junior civil servant could not reject the coffee offered by an American S-class Hunter, so she received it first. It tasted different from the one from the nearby store as if it had been airlifted from a pretty delicious place.

“What brings you to the association?”

If you have something to do, hurry up and go. When Seora asked him what he meant, he smiled shyly.

… Mm? Shyly?

“Ah, yes. I have something to do with you two. I couldn’t ask yesterday because I didn’t have much time.”

“With us?”

Sung Jarim, who was drinking coffee with a dull face, also tilted her head curiously.

“Oh, it’s just a light question! Don’t feel pressured.”

“What is it?”

“Do you have any thoughts of coming to America?”



Wait, it’s not light at all. It’s very burdensome.

“Uh, wait. I don’t think you’re suggesting a trip…”

“Yes, that’s right! I would like to know if you have any intentions of working as a Hunter in the US!”

How burdensome. I would’ve understood if he had made this proposal to Sung Jarim, who he knew as Headbang.

But why me?

“You seem to have misunderstood, but I am an ordinary F-class civil servant.”

“Ah, that’s right. If you are a public official belonging to the association, it is difficult to offer recruitment… I really want to have you in our guild…”


What’s this? The more I listen, the more I’m confused.

Civil servants who belonged to the association couldn’t be recruited arbitrarily by any country. Civil servants were people who worked for the country. In other words, taking her meant stealing from the country.

But Christopher was saying that right now.

“Are you saying you don’t care that I’m an F?”

“Of course! I don’t care about grades or anything like that. More important than that is a person’s values and character. So I was really happy to have met a just and upright person like you.”

Cough. Sung Jarim, who was drinking Americano without feeling, coughed violently.

Are your eyes working properly?

Christopher exclaimed enthusiastically without knowing that she was looking at him like that.

“It’s a pity that you’re a civil servant… Oh, do you think…?”

“No. I don’t work with someone with a hole in his eyes.”

“A hole in his eyes? Sorry. I speak Korean well, but I don’t know all the words yet…”

“No, you don’t have to know that.”

Seora, who hastily cut the conversation, pinched Jarim’s back. Jarim twisted her body in pain.

“Anyway, I am a civil servant who has no intention of leaving Korea. Thank you, but I think I have to say no.”

Christopher, who looked at her curiously, expressed his disappointment.

“There’s nothing we can do. Oh, then…”

“Ah, what should I do? I’m late for work! I think I should go now. Thank you for your kind words, and goodbye.”

Seora took Jarim and left in a hurry. The bewildered Christopher called her repeatedly, but he was quickly stopped because the upstairs was off-limits only to officials.

No matter how large a guild leader from the United States may be, he will not be able to come up without permission.

“Ohyo, what a sudden offer of recruitment.”

“It’s amazing that he sees you as such a nice person that he wants to take you all the way to America. He must have holes in both eyes.”

“It’s all thanks to my great acting skills.”

“Be honest. You learned acting, right? This cannot be done without it. How can you fool S-classes like that?”

“This is an innate talent. I could’ve settled in Hollywood and shouldn’t have been a civil servant. What a shame.”

“That the devil’s talent, the devil’s talent. Wait. Are you evil because you’re the devil?”

Jarim, who was talking nonsense, eventually became quiet only after being hit by Seora once.

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