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Chapter 129

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Regardless of whether he is fat or thin, someone who has always regarded the army as a lifelong career should accompany him to change careers, which makes Gao Jian think he has heard it wrong.

But he didn\'t expect that Lin Xiaochen suddenly stared at him, and then gave him a few strokes.

? ? ?

"What happened?" He was beaten a bit inexplicably, and he was still supported. Normally, Lin Xiaochen would not make such a mistake.

"I\'m pregnant and I have to change careers to raise my baby." Their arms are very special, so it would be really harmful to go to work at such a time, so she had to apply for a career change.

"What are you, again?" Gao Jin\'s eyes widened, he never thought that happiness would come so suddenly.

"I\'m pregnant, so I have to have a baby." After that, he was hugged by Gaojian. He wanted to beat him, but he was still an injured person.

"Xiaochen, Xiaochen, will you marry me?"

"You, who will I marry if I don\'t marry you?"

"Well, we\'ll get married right away." Gao Jin actually didn\'t care about everything. He risked his life and death to live such a life with her because he really liked her very much, and he thought he would get enlightened in at least a few years. , In addition, he did such a thing to her, I was afraid that he would ignore him for the rest of his life, but he didn\'t expect to suddenly become pregnant.

She didn\'t want to abort the child but came to tell him, first of all, she felt that she still respected herself like this. Of course, I was also unexpectedly happy, because my cultivation finally came to fruition.

"After two years of marriage, when the children are older, you can leave if you don\'t like it."


This is a bit wrong. What does it mean to leave when the child is old?

He frowned and said, "Why leave?"

Lin Xiaochen said, "It\'s not like you didn\'t know what was going on between the two of us at the time. There was no relationship between a man and a woman at all, so..." It was helpless to have a child. But thinking that the Gao family was looking forward to their marriage, so they wanted to give birth to this child. At least, this is the descendant of the Gao family, they are willing to go to school

Looking at Gao Jin\'s idea is to want, then give birth, take advantage of the fact that one is finished now.

At least the troops, since this happened, she never thought about going back, anyway, she can protect the peace of one side.

Gao Jin was almost not mad at her, and said: "Tell you one thing, in fact, I can fake something like that, and I don\'t need to be real at all."

"What?" Isn\'t there surveillance?

"I just need to cover the quilt, so I can\'t see what\'s going on under the surveillance."

"..." That\'s right, the last time he was like this. Then the two saved their strength, and this was the task completed.

However, her mind was frozen and she didn\'t have time to think about it.

"So, why do you think I really moved with you?"

"...Gaojian, you bastard, you\'ve touched your eldest sister with all the cheapness." Lin Xiaochen stretched out his leg and gave him a kick.

And Gao Jin stood there motionless and let her fight, and finally said, "Aren\'t you asking why?"

Yeah, she hasn\'t asked why.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because, so many years ago, I wanted to S you, but you kept turning a blind eye. I was also forced to do nothing at the time, and I knew that as long as I hugged you, I would definitely not be able to bear it. It\'s better to act at the beginning than to act at the beginning. Really, do you know the reason now?" Gao Jin forced her to the wall, then reached out and pressed the person directly against the wall to prevent her from leaving.

The amount of information was a bit too large, and Lin Xiaochen was stunned.

Although they were named high-ban girlfriends in the past, the two are still brothers in private. For so many years, she has always regarded Gaojian as her brother, but she never once thought about marrying him and being his wife.

Suddenly, her younger brother told her that the other party had missed her for many years. Then, the meaning couldn\'t be clearer, he liked her.

But why not before?

Right, right, but she didn\'t care, thinking he was joking.

So what should I do now, is it to blame this man for taking advantage of him, or is it to blame myself, the stupid big sister, who only now knows what he thinks. Or, blame him for saving him in the first place.

Anyway, she was a little confused.

Suddenly, his chin was provoked, and he said with a high ban: "Otherwise, why do you think I\'ve been following you all the time? I didn\'t flinch whether it was a mountain of swords or a sea of fire, and, do you think I\'m a very patriotic person?"

No, Gao Ban is not such a person. His three views of Rao seem to be quite distorted, so Lin Xiaochen was a little strange when he followed him to the military academy. Now that I think about it, I understand that there is no need for him to go to any military academy, nor to join any special unit, it is entirely because of her.

She wanted to go, she wanted to pursue her father\'s figure, and he was after her?

His face became a little hot for a moment, even when he was doing that with him, his heart hadn\'t beat so fast.

The first time she encountered a relationship, she was a little upset at all, and couldn\'t help stammering: "These, you never, never."

"If I want it, you will definitely run away and ignore me all the time."

"I..." As if I didn\'t think about it in the first place, I was right. But now that she has a child, so she can\'t hide, and then inexplicably has another person who likes her?

"I know you can\'t accept it for a while, but you can slowly figure it out in the future. Now we have to prepare for the wedding." At this time, Gao Jin didn\'t want to listen to Lin Xiaochen\'s opinion.

This marriage must be done in advance, and it must be done quickly, otherwise the belly will be big. But Lin Xiaochen can\'t be tired yet, so let him do it all.

"I\'m here to tell you today. I can handle the wedding myself. Your injuries are not completely healed, and you won\'t be tired in the future."

"Not being tired refers to the training in the army. I\'m still a normal person, at least these jobs can still be done well."

Without waiting for Lin Xiaochen to do anything, Gao Jin said, "You are the one who needs a rest now."

Without listening to Lin Xiaochen\'s thoughts, he went straight to discharge from the hospital, and then called his parents back from abroad. He didn\'t want to alarm them when he was being supported, but getting married was different, he needed to let them know and watch his daughter-in-law enter the door.

Then I went to propose a marriage. I thought it would be difficult to enter the door of Lin\'s house, but I didn\'t expect that Lin Xiaochen had mentioned this to her mother a long time ago. Her mother is a very powerful entrepreneur, so she did not want her to abort her child for the happiness of her daughter like ordinary women, but agreed with her to give birth to the child.

But I probably didn\'t expect that she would get married, and if the child was born without anyone to take care of it, the Lin family would take care of it.

But I didn\'t expect this to decide whether the child should follow the surname Lin, and then the child\'s father came. In fact, everyone is familiar with the high ban. After all, I have been to their house a few times, but I never thought that he would be the father of the child. Because the daughter has never had anything to do with this man, it\'s just a friend.

Moreover, Lin Chuan also felt that the boy did not look upright and did not look at Zheng very much.

However, even if he was capable, he was injured because of the mission, and the most important thing was to save his daughter, so he couldn\'t come up with a reason.

Now that everyone has come, let\'s get married.

But Lin Chuan was still not happy. After all, their army was short on tasks, and their private life should not be so casual. Even if both of them have changed careers now, he still wants it. So when he saw someone, he called him directly into the study, and firstly scolded him. But I didn\'t expect this guy to have a child just by accident, and then they had to do this when they were on a mission.

"I don\'t want to leave a shadow on Xiaochen, at least I... She is more familiar."

After the high ban, Lin Chuan was speechless.

Not long after his daughter came in, he said with a sullen face, "Lin Xiaochen, didn\'t you know how to use contraceptives at the time?" Why did he change his career.

Lin Xiaochen\'s face flushed red, then sighed: "I was busy at the time, so I forgot about it. Later, he went to the hospital again, and I ran both ways, and it was too late when I finally found out." It took half a month, it was really miserable, how could she have thought of such a thing? Besides, the conditions were not allowed at that time, and no one in the army would prepare this medicine.

And no one reminded her that she won the bid inexplicably.

"It\'s my fault." Gao Jin said immediately: "I should be more careful."

"What does this have to do with you?" Lin Xiaochen said, "I was careless."

"Okay, you two go out." Lin Chuan felt a headache and didn\'t want to ask any more. Anyway, seeing who was responsible, he couldn\'t punish anyone. Anyway, now they are all willing to take responsibility, it\'s just like the wife\'s step by step.

Some people have no feelings before marriage, maybe it will be better after marriage?

But how do they know that it\'s almost impossible for a daughter who has a delayed relationship to want her to have some passionate love. It can only be boiled frogs in warm water. Fortunately, the high ban is the warm water in the pool, and the frogs are cooked alive.

When they got married, the Lin family decided to do it simply, and the Gao family prepared most of it. Neither of the two had discussed it, so the woman on the Lin family\'s side simply did it. After all, even if she changed jobs, she would still be very formal and shouldn\'t be too extravagant.

And the Gao family is in the entertainment industry, prosperous. In addition, they have also made their relationship public in the past two years, so it must be a big deal to get their son married.

Therefore, Lin Xiaochen was very low-key before marrying out of his own family, but his style of painting changed immediately after he married. Fortunately, she is considered to be from everyone, but she was not overwhelmed by the momentum, and everything was done very well. In addition, her physique has always been good, even if she was a little tired from the wedding, it did not make her too tired.

But Gao Jin was worried and kept trying to find a way to let her rest.

The Gao family also knew that their daughter-in-law had a baby in the womb, and they always showed joy when they introduced them. As a group of late-married people in the entertainment industry, they were really envious when they heard that they were about to become grandparents. But what is the use of envy, their son has not grown up yet, and their grandson is already in the womb.

Finally, the wedding is over. After the fifth marriage, the two of them were placed in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Municipal Public Security Bureau at the same time. The work was quite easy, at least there was no need for full training.

After all, one was injured and the other was pregnant. After arriving in the team, everyone took care of the two of them.

Lin Xiaochen is a workaholic. He has been urged by the Gao family and has not taken any vacations. Seeing that the due date is very close, he can be considered to go home and pack up and go to the hospital.

Not being hospitalized is not enough, all arrangements have been made.

Gao Jin was nervous, but he didn\'t insist that his daughter-in-law came back after giving birth, but followed her to the hospital to accompany her on leave immediately. At this time, Lin Xiaochen also understood that this younger brother is actually a mess with work or something. He is not short of money and does not want to strive for the top. His center is only her.

Such a person, no matter how persuaded, how to let him serve the people will not work.

Forget it, you\'ve just picked up a treasure. There are no men who other women want to find this, and if they encounter it, it is not a treasure, what is it? After a lot of tossing, she gave birth to a daughter safely.

Because of the busy work, the daughter was carried by Gao\'s mother to take care of her. Her acting as a child after a movie actress is simply spoiled, and she even takes her child to participate in various shows.

Although the girl takes care of the queen, her temper is a bit like the Lin family. Yes, it is a bit like her mother, very wild. When I participated in the survival show, my grandmother and her granddaughter wanted to show off, but she didn\'t expect to be taken care of by a five- or six-year-old girl, and Gaojian\'s daughter took this opportunity to make her debut in C position, and soon became popular. Child star through half.

And he has always had a very stable relationship with his wife Lin Xiaochen. After all, the two have been together for many years, and it is very difficult to change anything.

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